Reaching youth

Indiana University School of Medicine faculty are expanding the school's psychiatry-based substance use disorder services for adolescents and their caregivers through a $2.7 million grant. 

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SUDS in rural communities

Join IU faculty Dec. 6 to discuss substance use disorder in rural communities. 

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Smoking and mental health

IU study illustrates the need to treat mental health problems and smoking together.

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Expanding students' reach

IU's Mental Health Counseling and Counselor Education program's addictions track aims to help students expand their knowledge of substance use disorder. 

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Helping youth transform

IUPUI students and future healthcare workers learn more about substance use disorder while serving as mentors of Camp Mariposa-Aaron’s Place, a camp for youth impacted by addiction.

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Binge drinking

Study, conducted in part by IU researcher Hank Green, examines neighborhood and social network's relation to binge drinking in adults.

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Giving hope

IUPUI student Caroline Hartman is providing hope to high-school students at Hope Academy, the only recovery high school in Indiana.

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Assessing laws

An IU study by Ross Silverman tackles the challenges of conducting intrastate policy surveillance.

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Data access

The Indiana Addictions Data Commons works to provide researchers and organizations access to both clinical and non-clinical datasets to support addictions-related work.

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Falling short

An IU study found the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act has not greatly increased the amount of nurse practitioners prescribing buprenorphine.

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Opioid policies

IU study reveals the unintended and negative consequences of policies designed to reduce the supply of opioids in the population for overdose.

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Medicaid waivers

A study by IU researchers found Medicaid waivers increased Medicaid being accepted at residential treatment facilities.

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In This Together

IU's Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge is offering two courses to help reduce stigma around substance use disorder.

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Working together

Next Level Recovery Indiana Executive Director Doug Huntsinger discusses the state's partnership with the Grand Challenge and its impact on Hoosiers throughout the state. 

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Educating future generations

Ellen Vaughan is creating programs focused on training, treatment and reducing stigma around substance use disorders.

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Lead exposure

IU study examines the effects of low-level lead exposure on alcohol consumption. 

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Citizen responders

A new grant will help IU researchers expand their work to recruit and train citizen responders for opioid overdose events.

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Giving teens a chance

IU's Matt Aalsma and community partners are working together to make a difference in the lives of teens at risk of substance use disorder.

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Stigma in rural areas

IU researchers find people living in rural areas report significantly higher levels of stigma toward people who use opioids for nonmedical reasons.

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Sharing his story

Brian Cuban, brother of IU alum Mark Cuban, shares his story of recovery and why he works to help others. 

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Reducing discrimination

A study by Brea Perry finds meaningful social contact with people who have experienced addiction can effectively reduce stigma.

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Community care

Deb Litzelman, alongside dedicated community health workers, is providing support to young mothers who are struggling with substance use issues.

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