Community Resources

Working together

IU's Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge initiative aims at helping to better communities throughout the state of Indiana. That includes taking part in public discussions, partnering on naloxone trainings and creating resources that will help community members become better educated on the topic of substance use disorder.

Below are some of those resources. 

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Community Resources

  • Families Helping Families: Hear from Hoosier families who have lost loved ones to a substance use disorder and what they are doing to help other families coping with this disease.  
  • In This Together: Through a partnership with the Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety, this project aims at creating conversation around addiction, treatment and recovery, harm prevention and hope for our communities. Videos, along with a discussion guide and survey, are available for download. 
  •  ECHO: A movement to connect local primary care teams with inter-disciplinary specialist teams to improve treatment for complex and chronic health conditions. ECHO programs include Hepatitis C, HIV, LGBTQ+, Opioid Use Disorder, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Integrated Pain Management.
  • Talking to adolescents about opioids: Zachary Adams and his colleagues in the IU School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry teamed up with experts at Overdose Lifeline and the IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing to create a set of developmentally tailored educational materials designed to help young people learn about opioids and opioid use disorder.
  • Be Well Indiana: Information and resources compiled by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction designed to help Hoosiers stay connected and maintain their well-being.
  • Overdose Lifeline: Overdose Lifeline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities affected by the disease of substance use disorder. The organization offers multiple services including Naloxone training.