Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Substance Use Research Fund

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Substance Use Research Fund

Request for Proposals

Proposal due date: June 13, 2022

Academic research often fails to address with sufficient urgency the needs and problems of Black and Latinx communities. There is a great need for researchers to be more representative of historically marginalized groups, make connections with those groups so that research activity and outcomes are accessible to them, and positively impact the lives of community members. The Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge (AGC) recognizes the racial and ethnic disparities that exist specific to substance use disorder and that inequity in health care for a treatable condition presents a care gap of great urgency that must be addressed if efforts are to be truly comprehensive.

To help address this critical gap, the AGC leadership, with the support of President Whitten, has committed $1 million for immediate research to focus on affecting and eliminating disparities specific to substance use. This commitment is divided into two categories—new research and supplemental funding for AGC-funded PIs.

Following recent internal funding models that provide rapid, strategic funding for research, such as the Racial Justice Research Fund and the COVID-19 Pandemic Research Fund, the first category of funding will:

  • Provide funding of up to $25,000 per grant for research by IU faculty focused on addressing racial and ethnic disparities specific to substance use

Funding will be available to IU faculty without regard for field or discipline to address this critical issue as broadly as possible. The research must be innovative, new, or reflect a new application of existing research. Priority will be given to efforts that seek to better understand and meet the needs of communities of color and utilize engagement methods with partners or the communities (such as community-based participatory research or person-centered outcomes research methods) which build sustainable relationships and trust in communities. All IU faculty (whether tenure-track or clinical track) on all IU campuses are welcome to apply.

For PIs currently funded by the AGC, please contact vprgrand@iu.edu with any questions and submit funding requests via InfoReady.

Submission process

Proposals should be submitted at https://iu.infoready4.com/.

Proposal requirements

  • CV
  • Proposal narrative/project description no longer than three pages in length
  • Completed budget worksheet

If engaging with a community partner, a letter of support from that partner is required.

Proposal review

Proposals will be reviewed by the AGC Steering Committee and other faculty members representing multiple campuses, schools, and disciplines. The faculty committee will make recommendations to the Vice President for Research.