People and Projects

IU's Responding to the Addictions Grand Challenge initiative involves a broad array of IU's world-class faculty. Through 30+ interdisciplinary projects, divided into five categories, our researchers are working to address the biological and psychological underpinnings of addiction; the family and social structures that contribute to addiction and facilitate or discourage recovery; and community-based strategies to improve resilience and policy and laws. Meet the researchers who are doing their part in the addictions crisis.


Titus Schleyer

Provide a platform for large-scale analysis and visualizations across data sources in the Indiana Addictions Data Commons to help the Responding to the Addictions Crisis initiative measure its impact.

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Jon Agley

Execute a statewide public health intervention aimed at increasing opioid addiction diagnosis; reducing opioid overdose mortality, HIV, and Hepatitis C; and strengthening prevention and treatment options for opioid users.

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Education, Training and Certification

Gerardo Maupomé

Launch of Project ECHO (Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes) hubs for treatment of Hepatitis C and HIV, transgender health peer education, and pain management.  

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Laura Romito

Increase and improve the training of healthcare professionals from IU, using a systems-based approach that addresses opioid substance abuse disorder and overdose through screening, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 

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Ellen Vaughan

Develop/implement an educational program for an Addictions Counseling Certificate and an Addictions Counseling Master’s degree to increase the capacity and quality of addictions treatment in Indiana.

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Policy Analysis, Economics and Law

Nic Terry

Develop evidence-based law and policy interventions that improve substance use health outcomes and work with law and policy experts to find ways to improve the effectiveness of Indiana law and policy around the opioid crisis.

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Ross Silverman

Analyze the content, implementation and impact of local, state, and national laws and policies related to addiction; and evaluate the implementation of laws, policies and programs, and their impact.

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Community and Workforce Development

Kosali Simon and Katy Borner

Develop ways to analyze and visualize data related to the opioid epidemic, to create a foundational platform for research, policy development and practical interventions.

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Robin Newhouse

Evaluate the current treatment capacity landscape across the state, recommending strategies that build workforce and treatment capacity and create an action network of nurses throughout Indiana.

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Alex Straiker

Provide a more effective antidote for opioid overdoses by developing and testing a better naloxone that works at a second known site of the opioid receptor.

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Tamika Zapolski

Analyze the effectiveness of a school-based therapy that has proven effective in clinical settings to reach a broader population of youth at risk for substance abuse.

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Hsien-Chang Lin

Develop evidence-based policy recommendations to improve the impact of state policies on the current opioid crisis.

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