Responding to the Addictions Crisis

Addiction is devastating countless lives. The misuse and addiction to heroin, prescription painkillers, methamphetamine and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, has created a national crisis affecting millions of Americans. 

Recovering from this crisis is not an easy path, but as a state, Indiana is not standing idle. Many partners have joined together to respond to the rising problems associated with addiction. Indiana state government has launched programs to support its citizens and many organizations are dedicating time and resources to ensure communities get the help they need. At Indiana University, we are leveraging the strengths of our seven campuses and creating partnerships throughout the state to lead one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive state-based responses to the opioid addiction crisis. By working together, addiction will no longer control the lives of too many Hoosiers.

Innovative treatment options

Can drug cravings be halted through painless, non-invasive brain stimulation? Joshua Brown is testing this theory by taking advantage of recent breakthroughs in deep-brain stimulation techniques. 

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Preparing Indiana's workforce

As new health care professionals enter the Indiana workforce, it is critical that they are prepared to recognize and respond to addiction. Andrea Pfeifle is working to ensure students are prepared. 

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Pinpointing the problem

Nicholas Manicke is creating technology that will simplify synthetic drug testing, allowing for more rapid, and less expensive, detection of synthetic drugs currently going undetected.

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Confronting the addiction crisis alongside 130 partners throughout Indiana

Use the map below to learn more about our partnerships throughout the state.

Expanding Clinical Training

Conducting Public Health Research & Developing Policy Recommendations

Improving Access to Prevention, Treatment & Recovery Services

Partnering with Harm Reduction Organizations

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Highlights: Leading the Fight to Curb a Statewide Epidemic

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IU’s Responding to the Addiction Crisis Grand Challenge Initiative

Alongside community partners, we aim to combat the addictions crisis. 

Our goals?

We hope to reduce the number of addicted Hoosiers.

We want to reduce the number of deaths from drug overdoses.

We strive to reduce the number of babies born exposed to drugs. 

How ?

With 30+ interdisciplinary research projects,
statewide naloxone training and kit distribution
and community partnerships throughout the state.

Indiana University Grand Challenges Responding to the Addictions Crisis

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About Grand Challenges

We’re tackling large-scale, complex problems that require collaboration across disciplines, industries, and communities. Our success will be measured by the tangible impact our programs have on the lives of Hoosiers.

Launched in 2017, Responding to the Addictions Crisis is the newest initiative of Indiana University’s Grand Challenges program aimed at solving some of the most difficult challenges facing Indiana.

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